Sunday, May 21, 2017

The beginning of the future or the last days for Earth

  Google has just announced its new direction.
It is one of the fundamental requirements for future science, technology and prosperity. This includes safe thinking machines such as those in Iain Banks' Culture novels, replicators, full body part replacements, endless prosperity etc. But only if we win WW4 (reason: see - All good people needed to put their strength into saving the world from atrocity and destruction).
Watch only first 15 minutes of the embedded vid where Google announces its new objective. Google is going to focus on Artificial Intelligence science and technologies.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

To the 'kings': The Capitalist Manifesto - "Whatsitoyou!!!"

Romanov Family

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx (see is and has been portrayed as being based on serious and logical economic propositions. The propositions are as follows:

1.That the only things that contain value are tangible and manufactured.

2.That income from real property does not add to the economy but subtracts from it as nothing new is gained like a form of parasitim. Hence it is OK to take/steal/rob this property by force from their rightful owners and give it to someone else, especially to the SKNF but disguised as being secured for the 'kings'.

It is obvious to anyone that thinks about these two propositions for just a moment that these propositions are actually pseudologic and bullshit. Its purpose was actually part of a SKNF Take-All-Sides-Trick and Attack By Psudo-Logic Meme Trick. It was used by the "snake/worm at world's end" to divide and aggress the 'kings' and wealthy from and against the other good people, commit atrocity on all of them and impoverish them in every way, fooling everyone and hiding the snake's hand in this evil.

The SKNF snake had and is also using massive telepathic brainwashing techniques to cause the 'kings' to commit evil against the own family and impoverish them by fooling them into destroying their fundamental defenses against their enemies and instead making them think that their enemies is their defense and is making them wealthier and safer.

What I was unaware of until quite recently was that there is actually a mirror version of the Communist Manifesto. This I call the Capitalist Manifesto.

The Capitalist Manifesto is also pseudologic and bullshit but it is sold as rational and logical economic propositions within our Universities and other parts of academia. The SKNF snake is the force and power causing this. The psudologic also given weight by being part of what they teach in Economics in almost all Universities.

Universities are considered to be the places of highest learning and knowledge.

Likewise the Capitalist Manifesto purpose is actually part of a SKNF Take-All-Sides-Trick and Attack By Psudo-Logic Meme Trick.

The propositions of the Capitalist Manifesto appears to be

1.The use of unauthorized money and over production of money has no effect on the economy but will in fact enrich the 'kings' if no one knows who has the money. In fact it will make the 'kings' wealthier if they are the ones who have this over produced money as the economy takes time to react to this inflation and the 'kings' can buy assets at the lower 'yesterday' values of these assets. I was told this is a logical and truthful proposition in a Stage 3 Macroeconomics class at Auckland University, a top ranked University. Not mentioned is how the wealth creating tool which is the monetary system (also a wealth) is destroyed and the wealth falls to the 'kings' enemies.

2.As long as the 'kings' can sell the income and hence wealth of the future for the costs of the present in the form of loans to the nations that these kings are kings off then the 'kings' will be totally unaffected by corruption and waste. Hence this is why it is OK for the SKNF to destroy property, mass produce unauthorized cash etc. The 'kings' can repair the damage at no cost to themselves. The populace can then have their estate forcibly taken if they do not repay these loans and it also justifies committing atrocities on them. No mention of how the populace actually keeps the 'kings' safe from their enemies and actually create all known wealth.

3.Opportunity costs (such as new wealth eg from improperly managed assets and fiscal indiscipline, corruption, the 'kings' being intentionally impoverished and outright theft does not affect the kings but makes them wealthier.

Propositions 2 and 3 was being seriously announced as logic by the SKNF snake this morning at about 0745am on Saturday 21st January 2017 this morning and was directed to the 'kings'. It also gave away one of the lies that the SKNF has actually brainwashed the 'kings' into believing.

4.You must make every attempt to kill your own family as it makes you stronger, richer and safer. In general you should apply this to your team in every endeavor where you work as a team. For instance, a rugby game is won by killing and disabling your own team first and this is even more true when it is your own family, who you cannot trust at all compared to your enemy who is entirely trustworthy and who you should support using all your resources. It is especially true if your family is wealthy and owns lots of property hence making it even more important that you start attacking them first and hand your family's wealth to your enemies.

5.The 'kings' must take advice only from the 'kings' enemies as this is "Good Advice". The SKNF snake loves the 'kings', makes them wealthier and is not trying to commit atrocities on them and due to these atrocities accidentally kill them.


I had this fleeting thought of what my old employers would have done if I had just lost them NZD500million and exclaimed "Whatsitoyou!!!" as I frisbeed their financial reports onto their desks.

Global economic results is a reflection of how the Capitalist Manifesto is actually a real thing and has been implemented all across the world and hence why our economies are such disasters. The only economies doing well are those that are doing their best not to apply this virtual and psychotic economic policy.

Note entry 20th of January 2017:
"What's it to you!!!"

-Fruitcake exclaiming as people were trying to put into perspective the cost of repairing the damage he has personally caused to the building he is housed in and which belongs to the 'kings' of NZ.
It was said that if all the SKNF did the same the cost would be greater then NZD100,000,000,000,000,000 (NZD 1 x 1017) or if converted to houses that are NZD1million each with a quarter acre property then would equate to 100,000,000,000 homes or 10 x 1million dollar homes for each and every person on the planet or would equate to needing approximately 2.5 x Earth's surface area including the surface areas of the oceans/seas or what would happen if the senior accountant and/or auditor handed in the financial reports and yelled "what's it to you!!!" at the boss or this being equivalent to about 100million times Keppel Corps net profit for 2015 or 8million times Microsoft Corp's net profit for 2015 etc....

Note entry 19th of January 2017:
-From an earlier note entry. My current incarnation of notes tell me this is from the 2nd of May 2016 but the SKNF has been screwing around with these notes for some time now and I suspect it may be wrong. I think the original formula was
Fruitcake's related but parallel incidents of ultra-craziness to the lords' resolution of the SKNF threat has taken another exponential leap into the place that only madness knows. This being a characteristic of Fruitcake's behavior.
If I were to give his craziness a mathematical formula, it would be something like
where i is a count of the number of incidents of craziness starting from April 2012.
The cost of repairing the building that Fruitcake is housed in and has damaged is roughly but officially estimated to be somewhere between NZD300million-NZD500million (three hundred million to five hundred million NZD).
Everyone is saying that we can expect this cost the exponentially increase if he is not stopped. The bet is that the building next door will be the first hit in the same way as it is geographically closest.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Summarising what telepathy can do...


Nothing is impossible for God
-Luke 1:37 :

-With respect to the note dated 14th December 2016 number 2 (14/12/2016-2): Someone pointed out that by allowing the SKNF to build their telepathy by terrorizing the poor will actually result in the SKNF winning and that Family as well as all good people will suffer atrocity. This is true.
The reason for this is that the SKNF will fool the good until the point where they are guaranteed to win. The good won't know any different as they will see corroboration between their telepathy and real observations even at the advanced machinery level.
What is more is that the shift in telepathic superiority will be a lot faster and will have a larger then expected effect if for instance the people not giving their power to that which is good or the people not under the good lords are allowed to be killed or taken prisoner by the SKNF. This is because these good people are actually also subconsciously contributing the power of their good to the good. On top of that they also contribute a 'coexistent' contribution in that their good also spurs the components that vector the good power from every other thing, human, flora, fauna and even inanimate Earth to contribute to that which is good.
I recall doing a similar experiment when being hassled by Fruitcake by myself and without telepathic support and found that it did increase my telepathic power when I chose for the subconscious of everything (flora and fauna) to contribute their power to me to block something Fruitcake was harassing me with. It actually worked. Obviously if these people held hostage did this consciously their power contributed would be even greater.
We cannot allow the SKNF snake to return.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

On thinking being a conscious action and how to recognize if a thought is from someone else

Rodin The Thinker

Thinking is a conscious action.

If a thought occurs to you when you are not thinking about that subject the thought is related to then it comes from someone else.

This is not to say that a thought that occurs to you when thinking about a subject and related to that subject cannot come from someone else. It may but also may be from you.

Dreams come from someone else.

The state of having no thoughts is the actual state when you are not thinking at all. This can be proven by how when you are asleep and not dreaming you have no thoughts whatsoever.

And you will need to follow a good path if you are being telepathically attacked by a large group trying to puppet you. This is the only defense one has by oneself against this kind of attack. Hence be good and do all good things also is a good defense and the path to sanity and wisdom.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016




"272.Basic research into why if a mad person swings his/her head madly to induce the same in a victim that the victim does not suffer brain damage as that mad person will. This may be one of the reasons why people say evil magic is bad to to perpetrator of it.
:The victim's brain seems to be able to instantly 'strengthen' itself in someway that even after 2 years of constant repetition of induced mad head swinging the victims brain continues to stay healthy and without damage while the attackers brain is totally mashed. See Fruitcake and his mad head swinging attacks, his consequent massive brain damage and that healthy brains of his victims. Likely to be very valuable to medical and even other science."

The evidence indicates that we have an inbuilt force field that activates when attacked in that telepathic manner. And it activates faster then light ie through the gravitational force.

Other science here includes advanced materials. Imagine if you could make a smart scaffolding that initially stabilizes the building of curled space that we call matter. Imagine if we could make this into any size. The material itself could also be smart. You can remove the scaffolding afterwards so that it is all made up of the strongest material in the known Universe. And by changing the material itself we could then explore other Universes if we ever found the existence of a multiverse.

We are fortunate that we can use what we know from biochemistry and microbiology as examples thus making this science much easier to acquire.

Also this is probably one of the components for Star Trek replicator technology as well as its portability.

Perhaps one of the clues in finding natural examples of smart materials is how they do not break down no matter how often it is used. This means that small amounts have big effects. Examples of this phenomenon are catalyst, enzymes, polymerases, hormones (plant and animal) and probably whatever it is that forms a force field preventing us from brain damage when a nutter forces our heads to swing madly by telepathically induction. We actually have quite a good library of things already to get us started.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016

"War Results In Progress" Is A Myth And Is Perpetrated By Serial Killing Pervert Rapist Vermin


Link to Google Drawings document:

This came about because of my recent and ongoing experiences in WW3 and the SKNF conspiracy.

I had been wondering why it had taken so long to discover and use electricity. Much of our electromagnetic studies and technologies came from the voltaic pile. It is also obvious that they had this for quite sometime, at least since the 12 century and probably even in ancient Egypt and earlier. The thing is so simple.

My experiences in WW3 tells me that what has probably been happening is that we struggle to maintain progress when there is constant war, something that humanity has been experiencing and doing since we were primitive apes societies. The psychosis of war, the serial killing pervert rapist vermin and, as the sycophanting serial killing pervert rapist vermin like to call their nutty leaders, War is the cause of our backwardness.

The serial killing pervert rapist vermin are only interested in performing their psychosis much like Fruitcake and his four hobbies and de-facto job description (wanking, killing, snorting coke and drawing attention to himself).

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Curios In Symbolic Language: Example The Tetragrammaton

From Tetragrammaton

YH = AYAH which in Malay is father, something possibly carried through over the ages
WH = WAH as in arabic Wahid or in english the number one.

Therefore YHWH (you have to read the image from right to left not the usual left to right) is transliterated to Father One.
This in translation probably means the Lord most high eg A Lord of FAMILY-1, Pharoah, The Highest King etc.

I suspect it refers to more than the Lord of Onn (or what is now present day Cairo) hence my reference to FAMILY-1.

Furthermore the Hebrew H (ה) looks like the Greek symbol for Pi (Π). The symbol Pi (Π) is used to represent the sun or God in hieroglyphic Egyptian ie is represented as a round object. Could the two Pi's (Π) be symbolic for Upper and Lower Egypt?

All suggesting the ancient interconnectedness of the human species and how old our cultures are, even older then the ice ages.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

On The Existence Of Precognition Or Using Telepathy To Predict The Future

From Oracle Shrine at Delphi, Greece

I think it is possible to tell the future using telepathy. I have probably seen an example of this already. The future of this is yet to happen at the time of writing this entry but I think it to be a truth.

From note entry dated 26th April 2016:
-SKNF and NUT-1 continue with a stream of verbiage using lords representatives to gain propaganda mileage.
This has always been a good sign that the SKNF and NUT-1 are about to see a Scenario 1: FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1->Logical and rational path. Both SKNF and NUT-1 are showing no remorse or contrition.
1247pm: I am now sure that it will be Scenario 1: FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1->Logical and rational path. What convinced me was the way Fruitcake started his mad head swinging causing his head to become very swollen similar to the time he didn't want to participate in something and his subconscious took over: see
I wonder when we will see it happen.

I suspect Fruitcake had performed a test of truth using the unobtrusive method for telling whether a thing is true or not (, discovered the truth and then had one of his psychotic episodes.

History also has many examples of this gift.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

On The Existence Of The Subconscious And The Conscious Minds

Desperate_Dad and Fruitcake


-I have observed the 'subconscious mind' guiding the actions of a human being for myself now. I was unsure about the veracity of this and always assumed that it was the conscious mind working in a mad state.
It appears that they are both correct. The conscious mind is working in a mad state and the subconscious is guiding the behavior.
I observed this when Fruitcake went into another of his stressed states and started hurting himself so he could accidentally be excused from committing himself into what he consider(s) is being responsible for an action against his SKNF colleagues.
Fruitcake, his father, their subordinates and some of their colleagues are "moving in" on the estates of some of their other SKNF colleagues.
This would entail Fruitcake having to attack this SKNF colleagues with mini-mines.
However Fruitcake has started to feel stressed because he, in his paranoia, thinks that it is a trick by his subordinates to have him take the blame and responsibility for this attack and hence oust him afterwards. This suspicion also extends to his father in a slightly lesser way.
The truth is that the blame and responsibility already lies with Fruitcake, his father and their subordinates as well as some of their colleagues already. They have laid mini-mines all over the subjects of their attacks estates already in preparation for this and have also already tried to kill them and (on) more than one occasion.
Fruitcake will only take the "roughest, toughest" (most aggressive in his own words) position only if he thinks he is not responsible or if someone has broken that ground already. Obviously he thinks otherwise in this case.
In regards to the stressed state of mind. I observed that he begins to exhibit this tension on his face as well as body and by other means when he needs to think independently. This comes about when he needs to do technical work of any kind (eg programming, planning etc) or when his paranoia sets in, for instance like in the current situation written about above. His face stretches out and his voice raises a level in pitch. His manner and muscles also showing tension.
Fruitcake seems to have subconsciously been trying to opt out of a decision and action by making himself sick. He appears to be trying to do this by exacerbating his considerable brain, nerve and vertebrae damage in what is probably a subconscious attempt to make himself faint and hospitalized and hence have an excuse for non-participation.
Apparently this hypothesis was tested using the un-intrusive telepathic method for telling the truth ( and it was found to be TRUE!
From note on 18th September 2015
....However this homicidal behavior is actually unconscious even though it may be expressed consciously. The Idiot-Sons have also almost killed themselves, their fathers who they need within the power structure and their relatives who are just holders of the estates that they will inherit....
The murder attempt on their relatives can be liken to a (focus of) consciousness accidentally alighting onto the general subconscious will to kill. This (focus) is then treated by the Idiot-Sons as their conscious will and 'plan' but it is only a superficial perspective....
Our world almost came to an end but for 2 crazies (Serial Killer and Fruitcake) !

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Thursday, December 31, 2015


ASEAN Community formed on the 31st of December 2015. Historic day.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

What you will need if we fail to prevent WW4 and allow the rise of insanity


Google Drawing Image here:

If we fail to prevent WW4 then we will all be tortured before the world is destroyed. You will see the signs of this very early. The signs will come from the corruption, crimes against humanity and other crimes as we have seen perpetrated by NUT-1 and the SKNF.

You will need all of the following in preparation:

1.A variety of marble to hand sized nuclear bombs. Easiest way to go and without pain and you take out the serial killing pervert vermin. Something that even NUT-1 wants seeing how the SKNF have tried to take them hostage, commit atrocity on them and then murder them slowly. Also has the advantage of being something that the psycho's love watching because it is spectacular.

2. A large variety of kill pills and euthanising chemicals for yourself and your loved ones. The variety is required because the swarming microbots and/or advanced weapons can destroy these chemicals and render them inert or merely toxic.

3. A gun with large caliber bullets to shoot yourself and loved ones in the brain. It does not hurt as the death is too quick to react to.

4. Sharp knives and blades and the best pain-killer medicine if 1 and 2 have been rendered unusable. The psycho's would probably love to see you use this on yourself and loved ones so will likely keep these things operational. You will need to cut your loved ones neck, find a carotid artery and open them completely. It is initially quite painful but tolerable. The death is painless (see observation of Malaysian man and his wife in Perth having to euthanize their young son in this manner so that they protect him from suffering SKNF atrocity in this report

Saturday, November 7, 2015

On the existence of God or the Universe wide consciousness or such like...

I know God exists. It has to because of the physics of our Universe.

My methodology of analyzing is to look at the direction the clues point to, even if the clues are disparate, independent and seemingly not directly connected. If all the clues point in the same direction and at the same thing then this is a good indicator that what it points to is the truth. This is also how I discovered that telekinesis, the ability to see through solid objects and rain making is true.

One implication of the existence of a 'God' like consciousness is that there is life after death.

The clues are these.

1.In number theory: Between any two numbers are a infinite (as in endless) number of other numbers. This means that if anything has a probability of occurring, no matter how small, then it must occur.

2.The religious people such as the Christian, Buddhist, Muslims etc say God does exist. They have been studying this subject for thousands of years and they all agree to this. How they got their answer is actually probably quite simple. They probably just used telepathy using this unintrusive method.
I have found that when a lot of people say a thing and that that thought is transmitted over thousands of years and across many cultures then it tends to be true. This is how I discovered the truth about making rain with a 'rain dance'.
These religious people do not tend to be liars as well which is always useful.

3.Anyone that has been involved in some kind of mass telepathic get-together will know about the power of the mind in massive group. We are actually in a constant telepathic get-together whether we will it or not. In fact our telepathic connections do not end within our own species but extends to all living things as well as inanimate things. The extension to inanimate things can be proven by
a.Telekinesis: I am connected to something at a distance from me.
b.The Magic Card Trick: Something at a distance from me is connected to me.
b.By how telepathy can find a truth of a thing regardless of when that thing occurred. This means that the information of that thing is embedded within space and materials (which is actually space curled up by gravity - which says nothing at all about how it can happen etc). This is also a reason for expecting there to be a 'God' type consciousness.
c.Size matters. The larger a thing is the more possibilities that can exist in that thing. And since we are talking about infinites (as in extremely large and never able to be counted because it is too large number) already then it is likely to have a consciousness the larger it is.
d.Likeness matters as well but size is what really counts. This means that the Earth itself is a consciousness. If we as a species group display a 'group consciousness' then a multi-species group based on the same structure will also display a 'group' consciousness. We can observe this quite easily by the similar way we behave within our own species groups and outside our species groups. But it does not end there as the so called inanimate objects also share similarity. In fact all of the Universe shares similarity including so called empty (but actually not empty at all as there are virtual particles and curvatures) space.
For me this also means that if we can find God anywhere as everything and/or anything. Every scale if of sufficient size. At my human scale, at the scale of the Earth, the solar system etc. I chose to find God within the 'living' biosphere as this is what is important to me and what I can relate to. However I acknowledge that God is both smaller and larger then this and encompasses the so called things not alive as well.

4.I notice that consciousness requires intercommunication between the parts. It does not matter how fast the intercommunication occurs as long as it occurs.
I mean that the parts interact with each other. This can be done something instantaneous like gravity - which is extremely strange because it means that we are everywhere in the Universe at the same time, something at the speed of light like electromagnetism or something extremely slow like a not in a book that changes my behavior that causes me to throw my rubbish in a bin say and not on the ground.
Is the information communicated lost in a mass information leading to nonsense and 'randomness'? Apparently not otherwise we could not find the truth of something.

5.More abstractly: Our Universe is closed (particles, planets, people) and open (space) and everything in between (virtual particles). The consciousness can exist within the closed part already ie information is collected and then contained. Or in another way - we are the sum of our experiences. It is called closed because it is self enclosed like a sphere (3-dimensionally), circle (2-dimensionally) etc. The meaning of this is that if a consciousness does exist, and I think it does, then it is both closed and open and everything else within ie God can be anything both closed, open and everything in between - including being absolute randomness.
Information is not lost due to the Universe being made up of many round things. If one of the round things lose information it can get it back from copying from the other round things around it.

6.Assuming this consciousness exists then what is it like? Well it will be intelligent because at least one species of objects within is intelligent ie us. Actually all species are 'intelligent' but our all out war against nature has made it hard to observe this as we have destroyed their societies. The mistake would be to look for humanness within this consciousness if we were to look for this consciousness outside of the human species as we tend to do.

7.The Universe has a structure. This means that we do not see true 'randomness' - something that has no structure. The Universe has structure and we see it all the time. Whats more is that this structure tends to group around itself and can be observed in the so called 'bell curve' of probability density function.
True randomness to me means that a thing that at one moment is one thing, at another is another, another moment may not even exist. I recall watching a Youtube mathematics lecture - old one from the 50's or 60's by some renown mathematician. Can't find it at the moment but will add it here if I do [Herbert Gross lecture an example of his lecture as follows - Also at the MIT website - MC Nov 7, 2015 1400pm]. He basically said that the number theory is based on the number line and that it is ordered ie 1, 2, 3,.... and that it does not necessarily have to be so.
This points to one characteristic of this consciousness and even of God's consciousness. I describe this characteristic by saying positives create more positives and negatives self annihilates to non-existence. This means simply that good things grow and negative 'bad' things destroys itself. It is proven in fact as well.

8.I may have seen evidence of this but am not able to verify this at the time of writing this note (November 7, 2015 1356pm). Will verify when I can and note here.

9.I hypothesize an abstraction. Say the Universe consists of positive and negative things. Positive (ie good things) include all those thing one would describe as positive ie love, growth, bloom, increase etc. Negative things include decreasing, evil etc. The negative things will tend towards non-existence. The positive thing will tend to increase. I have studied this in information by looking at snappy words in forums, human language and see that this is true.
And before one says that we are simply putting a 'value on an emotion' etc I point to the fact that giving your telepathic power to what is good creates more good. Hence this shows that the good is defined outside oneself and is a structure within the Universe itself.
This also is shown in how we are the sum of our experiences. That instead of saying that boredom is an emotion and hence 'our fault' we should recognize that it is actually our biology telling us that we should do something else - much like muscle building at the gym where we have to change work out routine every 2 weeks or so as we stop seeing muscle growth otherwise.

10.Richard Dawkins while I think not logical on his reasoning as to why a conscious, all encompassing entity (God) cannot exist made a good point about the existence of memes, which obviously exists. It exists in all information space. In genetics, the written and spoken word, electromagnetism, gravity, everywhere. Perhaps replication and growth is a quality and nature of our Universe and its physics.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lesson of the Nutcake: The result of a psychotic psychological development



Idiot-Sons' hurting themselves by head swinging back and vertebrae trauma is actually a cry for sympathy. It is a symptom of misplaced behavior that is a result of violent and psychotic parenting. The learnt response due to incorrect parenting and the child's, and later the adult's, subsequent learnt behavior can be compared to a building created by a psychotic, crazy, loon, mad, insane architect.
In the role of senior, Frankie-the-Fruit is unable to obtain sympathy from his colleagues and thus forces his subordinates to act their respect for him by a show of sympathy for the pain and trauma he has sustained by his psychotic behavior in the guise of being the most fearsome. Actually Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons are trying to get sympathy from their fathers foremost and their relatives secondarily, this even though they have tried to kill their relatives for their estates.
However this homicidal behavior is actually unconscious even though it may be expressed consciously. The
and the Idiot-Sons have also almost killed themselves, their fathers who they need within the power structure and their relatives who are just holders of the estates that they will inherit.
The murder attempt on their relatives can be liken to a lens consciousness accidentally alights onto the general subconscious will to kill. This lens is then treated by the Idiot-Sons as their conscious will and 'plan' but it is only a superficial perspective.
We can take another lesson from this apart from the Lesson of the Nutcake. The lesson is about the link between sanity and psychological development.
For instance: Do not leave a baby or child to "cry itself out", leaving it uncared for in the belief that it will not repeat what is painful to it as the cry is a indicator of pain. A child cries because this is the only way it can communicate. It does not have the linguistic tools, the self toileting and hygiene tools and many or all of the other tools that we take for granted as adults. As human beings and mammals we have to learn everything. We are not insect or arachnids. These learnt things are developed over time. Give the child the love and attention it needs. Check that it is not hurt, uncomfortable, it may have soiled itself - change diapers immediately (this also explains the Idiot-Sons' turd tossing rectal romance that they have used to soil the department they are in and attack their colleagues).
In summary: Love, encouragement, attention and all good things are tools that support learning. Punishment and violence are tools to create psychosis and insane behavior.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Corollary to "Those that do not learn from history are bound to repeat it"

Intergalactically Idiotic Wanking Clan : Frankie-the-Fruit: Image from

"Every context has its correct responding actions".

And the correct responding action usually leads to a Win-Win situation.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

People that helped save the world from the SKNF and won World War 3; Obama Family

President Barrack Obama and family: From

I said I would have an Obama entry in my blog 3 years ago for him being crucial in helping save Earth.

He successfully completed his Presidential brief and fulfilled his responsibilities this being to expose the SKNF_Conspiracy. A task that was thought to be impossible by the SKNF and almost everybody else. He achieved even more than that. Just as importantly he showed everything about this conspiracy from how it happens to who is involved to how to defend ourselves against catastrophes and dangers such as these. His actions also saved the lives of almost everyone on Earth as well as the Earth itself amongst many other good things.

Actually I should include the Clintons and many others.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Acupuncture (BAD) vs Acupressure (GOOD)

AcupunctureNeedles AcupressureMassage
Acupuncture = BAD Acupressure = GOOD

The practice of medicine such as that of acupressure has been corrupted over time and acupuncture is the result. You do not put needles in your body and cause injury to it as this can introduce pathogens into the body. I believe that the origins of acupressure is massage. Massage and acupressure is therapeutic. Acupuncture is dangerous and has no scientific basis.

Massage is entirely beneficial for various reasons least being that it causes blood flow into places where there is poor blood flow. This allows repair of that part of the body as nutrients, oxygen and repair cells are pushed into the area. It also causes cell signalling chemicals to move away from the massaged region thus reducing the period in which a bruised area remains painful and non-functional.

I have even seen baldness cured by massage. A possible reason is as stated above.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Small Projects - Barnstorm House

Small Projects - Barnstorm House: Image from

Another nice design from
Sinkeh-Veritas Architects

Rutherford's experiment and physics

Rutherford's Experiment: Image from

Particle decay: Image from


Specific attrition using massively multiple attacks is the best at curing virus infections

Rotavirus: Image from Wikipedia

Curing diseases caused by viruses is best done using specific attrition by specific massively multiple attacks on virii and infected cells.

Work on specifically attritioning the cells that are infected and take your time. You will not solve it in a day. The infected cells do become dormant which makes them almost impossible to get to. However their dormancy will end and they will flare again. That is when you get them. In other words continue treating for a period of at least 10 years. Your body replaces most of itself over that time.

The treatment plan has 2 strategies
1. Reduce the number of infective agents ie virii when the flare up occurs. This reduces the probability of reinfection in the surrounding area
2. Specifically attrition cells that are infected - this is done not by the 'atomic bomb' method of killing everything in the vicinity, including healthy cells by using a single agent (eg acid etc), but by only killing specifically the infected cells, and this done by using a huge number of active agents (ie hence this is why swimming and playing at a beach works and why mangosteen works).

This treatment strategy will cure both internal and internal virus infections. Internal virus infections can be cured by consuming large amounts of varied and blended vegetables. This is true for all fruit and vegetables except for durians and vegetables with high fat content. High fat and oil content seems to protect virii that infect animals. This means lower your fat and oil consumption!

Diseases caused by virii include Parkinsons, Alzheimers, HIV, eczema, Multiple Sclerosis, all kinds of degenerative brain and nueral disorders, cancers including Hodgkins lymphoma, Lou Gehrig's disease (Motor neuron disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease) aka Mad Cow disease etc etc.

In summary. Cells dynamically replace their cell membrane proteins and whatever else that keeps the cell membrane stable. When they are exposed to a type of environment that is corrosive because of a very large number of molecules, ions etc healthy cells naturally tolerate it by replacing these damaged components. Since the protein synthesis etc systems are not busy making virii or more of the stuff that cancers need then these healthy cells survive. However virii infected cells and cancer cells are caught up making virii and/or more of those thing that results in cancerous growth and hence do not protect the cell membrane. The cell membrane fails and destroys the cell. This is what causes specific attrition. This also can only happen if the cells face resource constraints eg time, material, number of ribosomes, polymerases etc etc. Virii genetic material have a higher affinity for polymerases then cellular genetic material so will soak up all the polymerases and precursors. This lead to the infected cell not being able to repair cell membrane damage. Cancer cells have a slightly different situation. The cancer cell may or may not have a situation like the greater affinity problem that virii genetic material cause. However the cancer cell can either fix the problem by unsticking whatever it is is causing it to be cancerous (apart from having virii genetic material) or will be attrition specifically. Specific attrition just gets rid of the problem cells and since cells are very small and replaceable it does not damage the overall body at all.

The reasoning for this also applies to non-virus caused cancers. I imagine that cancer cells are also intolerant to pressures on the structures that form the cell membrane. The cell either conforms to the pressures by having the problem fixed (eg say a stuck molecule is forced off the part of the DNA that is resulting in the cancer [Actually this may be impossible thinking about this again MC 22 July 2015]: so say a corrupted part of the cell DNA that is causing the cell to be stuck in cancer mode]) or the cancer is specifically attritioned and dies when the cell membrane fails. To some extent this explains why vegetarian diets and complex diets are better for you.

I found that a common tea that is drunk every other day in Chinese communities in the place of soft drinks has anti-virus properties. My son was infected by a virus that resulted in his neck lymph glands being distended (the mumps in other words). This went away after a few days of drinking this tea. It also works with the cold virus but not as well. Probably because it is not 'washed' by lymph or blood carrying whatever things (plural) in this tea that is killing off the virus.
Sounds like "Lim Chee Kang" herbal tea - fungi with anti-virus properties: Image from

6th January 2017:
It appears that bacteria attack the body using virus like mechanisms. This means that it produces a body very much like a virus (and is probably a virus) which then inserts into healthy cells, multiplies, busts the cells in expanding numbers, the contents of the cell then feeding the bacteria. The source of virii can also be bacteria! Hence all that plasmid stuff.

This explains why I observe bacteria and viruses being more pathogenic together. Another, and if one thinks about it for a moment, logical, use of bacteria sexual reproduction mechanisms. Many fungi/mushroom/toadstool based foods are also anti-bacterial multiplying its healthy properties. Chinese food has many examples of this especially Northern Chinese food and vegetarian Chinese food.

It was also explained to me much later in life that the same was noticed by Chinese medical practitioners in regards to cancer therapies, many if not all cancers being virus based.

I have also observed some parasitic fungi also being part of this symbiotic parasitism. In this case it was 'athlete's foot'. I found the only way to get rid of this disease was soak my feet in sea water at the beach for a couple of hours a day for about a month. The sand, multiple and various salts and continuous abrading seemed to be too much for the fungi (and/or bacteria) which was most persistent.

The bacteria (and/or fungi etc) also had this very clever strategy of hiding within skin tissue that had regrown in a sponge like way, presumably due to the bacteria and/or fungi. The infection would restart just when you thought you had killed it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

On solutions to preventing eye problems such as myopia, hyperopia etc

IncandescentLampsBAD FlourescentLightsGOOD
Incandescent lamps BAD Flourescent lights GOOD

1.I observed that all the children than were reading at night, including myself, who read under incandescent lamps ended up with myopia. All the others that used fluorescent lighting did not. This was while I was living in a condominium in Kuala Lumpur.

2.I believe that there is a way to repair myopia and possibly hyperopia and have sight returned to a good state. I was shown this while performing an eye test for a new set of spectacles. It was done telepathically. My sight improved momentarily. It was not the optometrist's perspective by mine ie the view I saw was from myself and not from the angle the optometrist was at so I believe I was not seeing through the optometrist's eyes.

Making rain using telekinesis-telepathy

Making rain: Image from

Bible: Mt8:23-24 Then he got into the boat and his disciples followed him. 24 Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. 25 The disciples went and woke him, saying, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!”
He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.

Bible: Mt14:32 And when they climbed into the boat, the wind died down.

Bible: 1Kings 18 After a long time, in the third year, the word of the Lord came to Elijah: “Go and present yourself to Ahab, and I will send rain on the land.”

-Bomohs in South East Asia were used to ensure that it did not rain on celebratory days.

-Native American rain dance

One way to identify a possible area of truth and inquiry is to observe similar activities within disparate and separated groups. If these activities are successful then it is likely to be retained by those groups for long periods of time. Rain dances and rain making is a tradition that is found in every native culture across the globe and is recorded in history. So called modern (actually read ignorant) thinking says that this is impossible however the truth proves this proposition incorrect. It is possible to make rain with a traditional rain making method. The question should be "how is it possible?". The answer will open new science and technology.

My observation is that one (but not all) of the prerequisites to making rain by a set of actions which outcome is rain eg a Native American rain dance or the traditions of a South East Asian bomoh, is to be a good person. That has many implications.

Bible: Mt14:25 Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost,” they said, and cried out in fear.
This one is a metaphor. What probably happened was that Jesus went off an met some powerful and wealthy people - hence walking on water. Water is a metaphor for wealth. You drink when you are thirsty ie when you need money.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Element Stability Proton (Z) v Neutron (N)

Element stability Proton (Z) v Neutron (N) number: From

Isotope half-lives. Note that the darker more stable isotope region departs from the line of protons (Z) = neutrons (N), as the element number Z becomes larger.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Freud, Jung and other trickery in science education

Fraud and Junk: From

I suspect that Freud, Jung and probably a large number of other so called psychological scientist were actually frauds. Freud's name sounds like Fraud. Furthermore their science is bullshit. I suspect that they were selling "snake oil" in the form of sexual favors, narcotics and other things in the name of science.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Do not use the electronic internet to search for information because it is full of lies and ulterior motives


California's drought can be solved by using advanced soil activators.

China has and is doing this in reclaiming the Gobi dessert for commercial agricultural use.

However doing a Google search on this will inform one that soil activators do not work and are a fraud. This is an outright lie and is probably pushed by commercial interests. These commercial interests are actually making money at the expense of their wealth - something that anyone in their right mind must never ever do.

SOIL ACTIVATORS DO WORK and have a long and excellent history all over the world, from desert countries like Israel to China.

If you need information on this then use telepathy to seek the answers that you are looking for.

I discovered soil activators while sent for a 3 day study of it in Beijing with Beijing Green Angel Technology Company Ltd China ( The senior person is charge of this company is a man called Dr.Zhang. Apparently they were already reclaiming the Gobi desert with this product during this time. I think the impetus for China's environment conscious technology came from the environment degradations that cause all kinds of havoc including dust storms, food shortages etc. The USA has its own research and probably similar bulk commercial products.

Desert reclaimation in China: From

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dirty tricks and the need to always check the truth and veracity of something


It is not well known that the commoner populace is commonly fooled and tricked with malicious intent. The usual reason for this is said to be because someone somewhere is ripping us off. I have found that this is not all of the reason. My observation is that many times the reason is because that someone somewhere is also psychotic and gets a kick and an ego boost out of the feeling that s/he is smarter than everybody else. My evidence for this is everywhere, from Wiki's to commercial contracts to everything else.

The lesson that this tells us is that we need to put whatever systems in place to ensure that this form of corruption is annihilated. One of these systems is our own awareness of these problems and that we need to be vigilant of these probabilities. To support this we need to have the knowledge to assess whether something is a lie and dirty trick. This can only come about through education and experience.

Some of these tricks have appeared in our educational textbooks. I discovered this when I was studying economics and our economic textbooks were rife with lies and misinformation whose intention was to make us give away our assets and have them stolen from us.

One example I found was in the accounting textbooks. This was in a short formula to derive the Net Future Value (and Net Present Value) of an annuity or compounding investment eg a payment of interest on a investment - the simplest model being something like a investment at time 0 and then interest paid at the end of a time period, that interest then reinvested and then the initial principle and that interest then receiving again interest after an equally long time period etc.

The actual formula for Future value is
FV = PV(1 + r)t
FV = Amount returned in the future
PV = Amount initially invested now
r = interest (|r| < 1) t = total number of periods for which interest is due to be paid. This formula is expanded by using the binomial number theorem (or Pascal's triangle). For instance if the investment is for 3 years then we get an expansion of this as
FV = PV( (1t + (3 x 12 x r1) + (3 x 11 x r2) + (r3) )
For example, if t = 3 years, PV = 1 and r = 0.1 then
FV = PV(1 + r)t
= 1 x (1 + 0.1)3
= 1 + (3 x 0.11) + (3 x 0.12) + (0.13)
= 1.331
ie an investment of $1 will return $1.333 dollars after 3 years with 10% interest on the initial investment.

My accounting book then stated that there is another formula for obtaining the future value of a compounding investment. This formula was meant to be used for very long term compounding investments to make calculation of future value easier. The formula is given below:

FVdirty trick = PV ( (1-rt) / (1-r) )
FVdirty trick = Amount returned in the future using a dirty trick calculation of future value
PV = Amount initially invested now
r = interest (|r| < 1) t = total number of periods for which interest is due to be paid. If we say t = 3, r = 0.1 and PV = 1 then this gives us FVdirty trick = PV ( (1-rt) / (1-r) )
= 1 x (1 - 0.13) / (1 - 0.1)
= 1 x 0.999 / 0.9
= 1.11
ie The dirty trick gives us back $0.221 less than what we should have received.

The accounting textbook that stated this is a common one that is used in Universities all over the world to teach accounting.

In general, the reason why FV > FVdirty trick is because
(1 + r)t > ((1-rt)/(1-r))
This is because
((1-rt)/(1-r)) = (1 + r1 + r2 + r3 + ... + rt) ≠ (1 + r)t

Friday, April 17, 2015

Zeno's Paradox is logical and real


My conclusion is that Zeno's paradox is logical and real. The question should be "why do we not observe this is reality?" instead of being "what is the problem with the paradox?".

Another aspect to this is that we take our experience of reality for granted without actually understanding why we experience what we experience. The wisdom here is that collecting information about our Universe so that we can understand our Universe as well as trying to not make the mistake of presuming things is the source of knowledge wealth which is the source of all wealth. An example of this is the science of momentum and mass and what causes what we experience as Newton's principles of motion (mistakenly known as the Newton's 3 "laws" of motion).

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Proof that E=mc2

Figure1: Experimental apparatus for determining relationship between Pressure (P) and Volume (V). Image is obtained from

Figure 1 is an image of an instrument used to determine the relationship between Pressure (P) and Volume (V)-(Boyle’s Law). Pressure is inversely proportional to Volume ie P ∝ (1/V). Pressure is created by particles bumping into a 2 dimensional surface as shown in Figure 1. Repeated below...
P ∝ (1/V)
P = Pressure
V = Volume
∝ means proportional

This same model was used by Einstein to derive is very famous model equation E=mc2.

Einstein modeled the cause of the photoelectric effect (ie he basically shone a light on a surface and measured the force caused by that light) as mass impacting a 2 dimensional surface which then moved electrons and hence caused a flow of electrons ie a current. The mass impacting the 2 dimensional surface is viewed like a pressure (in electrical terms a voltage). This is shown in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2: Photoelectric effect experiment instrument that is used to determine Planck's constant as well as used as the model to derive E=m.c2. Image is obtained from

Newton's theory of Force and momentum is shown in equation 1 below
Equation 1:
F.Δ t = (Δ m . v)
Δ means difference eg A2 - A1 = ΔA
t = time
Δ t = amount of time (ie time at end - time at start eg 10sec - 5 sec = 5 sec)
v = velocity

Pressure by definition is measured as amount of Force (F) given within specific area A and the relationship is shown in equation 2 below:
Equation 2:
P = F / A
P = Pressure
F= Force
A = Area

Equation 3:

P = pressure
m = mass
v = velocity
t = time
F= force
A = Area

Since velocity v = c the velocity of light - about 300 x 106 ms-1 (since the things causing the pressure [P] is light itself and light can only travel at the speed of light)
Equation 4:

P = pressure
m = mass
c = speed of light which is about 300 x 106 ms-1
t = time
F = force
A = area

Mass [m] can be obtained by multiplying the density of a volume by the number of volumes. Density is given by m/V and V is volume so
Equation 5:

m = Mass
V = Volume
density = m/V

A volume V is defined as the multiplication of 3 dimensions, width, height and Length (L).

We also can define the region that the particles collide with as an Area (A) as it has 2 dimension only.
This can be visualized as the blue part of the rectangle and is found by multiplying the height and the width
Equation 6:
(Height . Width) = Area (A)

We can obviously define Volume V as Area (A) multiplied by Length (L)
Equation 7:
V = A . L
V = Volume
A = Area
L = Length

Figure3: Definition of Area (A) and Volume (V). Image is obtained from

Putting all the above together:

Equation 4

can have Equation 5 inserted into it giving

-Mass is the same as saying the average density of all the virtual particles multiplied by the known volume.

This is sometimes called the mass density of energy.

Using Equation 7 this is the same as saying (I just moved the variables around)

Volume is then converted to Area (A) multiplied by Length (L). In this case the Area means the surface of the light sensor and where light impinges on (see Figure 2) multiplied by the Length that light travels in a known (constant) time eg 1 second.
v = (ΔL/Δt)
v = Velocity
ΔL = Distance travelled (actually length of vector to get in correct in physics terms)
Δt = amount of time taken
v = c since, as mentioned before, the thing causing the pressure is light itself which can only travel at the speed of light (commonly annotated as c).


As you can see by the missing component above I am unfortunately being hacked by Fruitcake so I have added a Google Drawing in place of the Google Doc that has been corrupted.

Link to this equation in Google Docs can be found here:

-The A in the numerator (top part of the division sign) and in the denominator (bottom part of the division sign) can cancel as they are both the same. We make it the same as the size of the surface of the part of the experiment's apparatus that the light shines on.

If we use a constant light source with a constant frequency then the amount of mass delivered by a light pulse per second on the experiment's receiver (see figure 2 above) will be the same for each volume V.

Anyway by rearranging the equation above we get the following
Equation 8

This result only gives the relationship between pressure (P) and the mass delivered by a constant volume of light which is at a constant frequency.

Notice I write light instead of electro-magnetic pulse. Its the same thing.

The relationship E=mc2 is obtained by the relationship Pressure (P) and Temperature (T) and Temperature (T) and Energy (E).

Energy (E) is proportional to Temperature (T).

Pressure (P) is proportional to Temperature (T).

This relationship is shown below:

T ∝ E ie the more energy inputted the hotter something becomes
T = Temperature
E = Energy

Since Pressure multiplied by Volume (P.V) is proportionally related to Temperature (T) then we can say
PV ∝ T. (Google Gas Laws eg Boyle's Law)
In fact to be even more correct we should say
P = Pressure
V = Volume
T = Temperature

If we hold volume V constant then we can say that Pressure (P) is proportional to Temperature (T).
P = Pressure
T = Temperature

And if Volume is constant then

and since
ΔPV ∝ Δm.c2
and if Volume is constant then
ΔP ∝ Δm.c2

ΔT ∝ Δm.c2

and since

then it also implies that

ΔE ∝ Δm.c2
P = Pressure
V = Volume
T = Temperature
c = velocity of light
m = mass
E = Energy

We can get rid of the Δ symbol if we say that we start at a value of 0 for amount of energy (E).

This all implies that
E ∝ m.c2
c = velocity of light
m = mass
E = Energy

The idea here is that a mass of virtual particles (see later for an explanation of this) impacts a surface and transfers its momentum.

If all of the available momentum is not transferred then the equation will look something like
Equation 9
E = k.m.c2
c = velocity of light
m = mass
E = Energy
k = some constant with a value between 0 (no momentum transferred) and 1 (all momentum transferred).

We assume that all the momentum is transferred from a light pulse that impinges the experiment's receptor in a constant time. This means that from Equation 9 we get
E = k.m.c2 = 1.m.c2
which is the same as saying
Equation 10
E = m.c2
c = velocity of light
m = mass
E = Energy

Energy in the experiment (Figure 2) will be measured as Voltage difference across the experiment circuit.

An analogy to this experiment would be to hit a single stationary pool ball (ball A [m2,v2'] - the receiving mass or photoreceptor) once every second with another pool ball [m1,v1'] (ie the light, mass-density of a volume, virtual particles etc).

It (Ball A [m2,v2']) is then hit again with another pool ball over and over again. The pool balls that are used to hit pool ball (A - [m2,v2']) are always precisely the same mass and collide with ball A [m2,v2'] at the same velocity. The balls [m1,v1'] that hit pool ball (A - [m2,v2']) lose all their energy and stops moving.

Figure 4: Conservation of Momentum: Pool ball analogy. Image is obtained from

The Youtube vid below shows a similar model. Ball-1 is the mass of virtual particles and Ball-2 is an electron on the photoreceptor. Notice that Ball-1, the mass of virtual particles lose all energy. If this video was fully representative of what happens then Ball-1 should also disappear entirely as it is only virtual ie a flexing of whatever space is and not a particle like a proton or electron.

In fact this analogy is the reasoning for electron cooling see

In summary energy such as heat, light etc acts on the electrons in a lump of metal (commonly called an heat sink). We can then use the same principles as normal refrigeration, the principles derived from the kinetic theory of gases, to cool the heat sink. The electrons are seen as a electron gas much the same way as the coolant molecules or atoms in a mechanical and gas system.

Electron cooling is also very efficient compared to the mechanical and gas refrigeration systems we use today (which also is modeled by the kinetic theory of gases). For instance a electron cooling solid state refrigerator can cool an equivalent size room as a standard mechanical-gas air-conditioner with less power then a fan.

The kinetic theory of gases is also the underlying model for quantum theory. It is a simple theory that explains by model how a mass of particles that are in a gas state will act. It is modeled using probability theory and hence can be calculated mathematically. This is useful if you want to test something that has parts where the kinetic theory of gases applies by computer instead of having to build it. A lot cheaper then building the thing to test it.

The 'Schrondinger's cat of quantum theory' thing is actually a falsity to make impossible to understand what is actually very simple.


What I found interesting about this whole exercise was how it said light can be modeled as some mass colliding with a surface like Pressure (P). This seemed strange because I never thought of light having mass.

It turns out that gravity does warp or bend space. But this bending of space also results in that warped space forming its own gravity field. Done sufficiently strongly space itself forms particles. I discovered this fact from Halton Arp’s book "Quasars, Redshifts and Controversies". I believe the price is USD20.00 and can be purchased from Amazon.

If large amounts of gravity can act on a thing with mass ie matter then then it goes to reason that even small amounts of gravity can do the same thing to some extent.

Light appears to form gravity because it is formed of warped space ie a wave. Bent space forms gravity like a particle ie a virtual particle.

It appears that light waves act almost like a particle such as an electron or proton. However light is not made up of particles. The wave is I guess visualized easily as 'warped' space. This warping of space somehow has a gravitational field and mass. As such it is also attracted to other gravitational fields, the larger the other mass the greater the attraction. This explain things like gravitational lensing ie the fact that light can be bent (lensed) around large gravitational masses. The word “virtual particles” seemed to be quite apt although I wouldn’t read the very badly written Wiki’s on what this word means.

A final thing.

Conservation of Momentum is a fundamental principle in physics and we have almost made the mistake, actually probably have made the mistake, of assuming this to be like a 'law' ie immutable. However the Universe has proven once again things tend to be flexible contingent on the context and that maybe anything and everything is possible.

The proof of this can be found in high energy physics where they collide particles against each other. It has been shown that Conservation of Momentum to be untrue and can be visibly violated - and if it happens at all then it probably happens all the time but just less often and less visibly.

An example of this is the decay of Δ- particle into an electron (e). The decay process for instance is as follows:
Δ- → Π- + n → μ- → e
Δ- Delta negative particle
Π- Pion particle
μ- Muon particle
n = neutron
e = electron

The breaking of the Conservation of Momentum occurs at μ- → e where the μ- particle has a mass 105.7MeV and the electron (e) particle has a mass of 0.51MeV (about a 200 times difference in mass change).

What seems to have happened is that the μ- particle is actually an electron (e) but something about it has changed straight after a high velocity collision.

I hypothesize and think maybe the particle has changed its surface area and/or volume as it recovers into a stable shape and configuration that is the electron (e).

Here are a couple of very good explanations of measuring mass by motion of a charged particle through a magnetic field, in other words using energy which momentum is derived from to measure mass of a particle ie eV (electron volts).
-What is an electron volt (eV) etc
-Obtaining energy and momentum (hence mass) from radius of curvature for a charged particle moving through a known magnetic field.

April 17, 2015
I think the circular motion of a charged particle in a magnetic field is actually an artifact of the machine that we are using to measure particle's mass.

One of the outcomes of understanding this science is that we should be able to manufacture unlimited quantities of atoms and probably manufacture atoms that are not able to exists in this Universe without some kind of scaffolding.

This leads to unlimited and cheap quantities of material eg gold, platinum etc as well as opening the doors to possibly new kinds of machines with these new materials. For instance virtual machines made up of virtual particles. Taking it even further down the track I can see the probability of virtual machines that manufacture real things ie the Star Trek replicator device.

These virtual machines will be better than the replicators on Star Trek in that they will be able to fit in a device the size of a smart phone and be able to make other machines and anything else that we desire.

It will make Star Trek quite dated apart from the fact that Star Trek has teleporters. The industrial, scientific and technological foundations already exists. The industrial foundations slightly less so but I think the advantages of this kind of technology will result in this being a short term issue.

Some of the industrial foundations we see today are the shift to the use of design technologies and techniques for manufacturing eg CAD → 3D-Printing → Manufacturing is an example and early implementation of this concept.

April 27, 2017
It appears that this hypothesis regarding the energy imparted by light or electromagnetic virtual particles in WRONG and that the formula E=m∫vδv is the correct formula - ie the mass multiplied by the integration of velocity assuming mass is constant. This is often simplified incorrectly to E=(1/2).mv2 in school text and only applies to things with a constant acceleration.
The E=mc2 hypothesis is incorrect if there are strong gravity fields, only approximately correct if there are no strong gravity fields around it and correct if there are no gravity fields altogether. This hypothesis only applies to a known volume of electromagnetic waves travelling along a known straight path.
Actually it is probably even more accurate to write E=∫∫mvδmδv as mass is also expected to not be constant.
Electromagnetic virtual particles can have a velocity greater then the so called constant speed of light. Proof not shown here but see reason for redshifts and how most star light we see are redshifted as viewed on Earth (logically should be...think about it), experimental evidence of light paths being bent by gravity fields.
It appears that anything with mass is affected by gravity in the usual way GM/R where G is a gravitational constant, M is the source of the gravity and R is the distance away from the source measured in radii of the source of the gravity. Also it only applies if the source of the gravity is spherical.