Wednesday, April 13, 2016

On The Existence Of The Subconscious And The Conscious Minds

Desperate_Dad and Fruitcake


-I have observed the 'subconscious mind' guiding the actions of a human being for myself now. I was unsure about the veracity of this and always assumed that it was the conscious mind working in a mad state.
It appears that they are both correct. The conscious mind is working in a mad state and the subconscious is guiding the behavior.
I observed this when Fruitcake went into another of his stressed states and started hurting himself so he could accidentally be excused from committing himself into what he consider(s) is being responsible for an action against his SKNF colleagues.
Fruitcake, his father, their subordinates and some of their colleagues are "moving in" on the estates of some of their other SKNF colleagues.
This would entail Fruitcake having to attack this SKNF colleagues with mini-mines.
However Fruitcake has started to feel stressed because he, in his paranoia, thinks that it is a trick by his subordinates to have him take the blame and responsibility for this attack and hence oust him afterwards. This suspicion also extends to his father in a slightly lesser way.
The truth is that the blame and responsibility already lies with Fruitcake, his father and their subordinates as well as some of their colleagues already. They have laid mini-mines all over the subjects of their attacks estates already in preparation for this and have also already tried to kill them and (on) more than one occasion.
Fruitcake will only take the "roughest, toughest" (most aggressive in his own words) position only if he thinks he is not responsible or if someone has broken that ground already. Obviously he thinks otherwise in this case.
In regards to the stressed state of mind. I observed that he begins to exhibit this tension on his face as well as body and by other means when he needs to think independently. This comes about when he needs to do technical work of any kind (eg programming, planning etc) or when his paranoia sets in, for instance like in the current situation written about above. His face stretches out and his voice raises a level in pitch. His manner and muscles also showing tension.
Fruitcake seems to have subconsciously been trying to opt out of a decision and action by making himself sick. He appears to be trying to do this by exacerbating his considerable brain, nerve and vertebrae damage in what is probably a subconscious attempt to make himself faint and hospitalized and hence have an excuse for non-participation.
Apparently this hypothesis was tested using the un-intrusive telepathic method for telling the truth ( and it was found to be TRUE!
From note on 18th September 2015
....However this homicidal behavior is actually unconscious even though it may be expressed consciously. The Idiot-Sons have also almost killed themselves, their fathers who they need within the power structure and their relatives who are just holders of the estates that they will inherit....
The murder attempt on their relatives can be liken to a (focus of) consciousness accidentally alighting onto the general subconscious will to kill. This (focus) is then treated by the Idiot-Sons as their conscious will and 'plan' but it is only a superficial perspective....
Our world almost came to an end but for 2 crazies (Serial Killer and Fruitcake) !

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