Saturday, November 7, 2015

On the existence of God or the Universe wide consciousness or such like...

I know God exists. It has to because of the physics of our Universe.

My methodology of analyzing is to look at the direction the clues point to, even if the clues are disparate, independent and seemingly not directly connected. If all the clues point in the same direction and at the same thing then this is a good indicator that what it points to is the truth. This is also how I discovered that telekinesis, the ability to see through solid objects and rain making is true.

One implication of the existence of a 'God' like consciousness is that there is life after death.

The clues are these.

1.In number theory: Between any two numbers are a infinite (as in endless) number of other numbers. This means that if anything has a probability of occurring, no matter how small, then it must occur.

2.The religious people such as the Christian, Buddhist, Muslims etc say God does exist. They have been studying this subject for thousands of years and they all agree to this. How they got their answer is actually probably quite simple. They probably just used telepathy using this unintrusive method.
I have found that when a lot of people say a thing and that that thought is transmitted over thousands of years and across many cultures then it tends to be true. This is how I discovered the truth about making rain with a 'rain dance'.
These religious people do not tend to be liars as well which is always useful.

3.Anyone that has been involved in some kind of mass telepathic get-together will know about the power of the mind in massive group. We are actually in a constant telepathic get-together whether we will it or not. In fact our telepathic connections do not end within our own species but extends to all living things as well as inanimate things. The extension to inanimate things can be proven by
a.Telekinesis: I am connected to something at a distance from me.
b.The Magic Card Trick: Something at a distance from me is connected to me.
b.By how telepathy can find a truth of a thing regardless of when that thing occurred. This means that the information of that thing is embedded within space and materials (which is actually space curled up by gravity - which says nothing at all about how it can happen etc). This is also a reason for expecting there to be a 'God' type consciousness.
c.Size matters. The larger a thing is the more possibilities that can exist in that thing. And since we are talking about infinites (as in extremely large and never able to be counted because it is too large number) already then it is likely to have a consciousness the larger it is.
d.Likeness matters as well but size is what really counts. This means that the Earth itself is a consciousness. If we as a species group display a 'group consciousness' then a multi-species group based on the same structure will also display a 'group' consciousness. We can observe this quite easily by the similar way we behave within our own species groups and outside our species groups. But it does not end there as the so called inanimate objects also share similarity. In fact all of the Universe shares similarity including so called empty (but actually not empty at all as there are virtual particles and curvatures) space.
For me this also means that if we can find God anywhere as everything and/or anything. Every scale if of sufficient size. At my human scale, at the scale of the Earth, the solar system etc. I chose to find God within the 'living' biosphere as this is what is important to me and what I can relate to. However I acknowledge that God is both smaller and larger then this and encompasses the so called things not alive as well.

4.I notice that consciousness requires intercommunication between the parts. It does not matter how fast the intercommunication occurs as long as it occurs.
I mean that the parts interact with each other. This can be done something instantaneous like gravity - which is extremely strange because it means that we are everywhere in the Universe at the same time, something at the speed of light like electromagnetism or something extremely slow like a not in a book that changes my behavior that causes me to throw my rubbish in a bin say and not on the ground.
Is the information communicated lost in a mass information leading to nonsense and 'randomness'? Apparently not otherwise we could not find the truth of something.

5.More abstractly: Our Universe is closed (particles, planets, people) and open (space) and everything in between (virtual particles). The consciousness can exist within the closed part already ie information is collected and then contained. Or in another way - we are the sum of our experiences. It is called closed because it is self enclosed like a sphere (3-dimensionally), circle (2-dimensionally) etc. The meaning of this is that if a consciousness does exist, and I think it does, then it is both closed and open and everything else within ie God can be anything both closed, open and everything in between - including being absolute randomness.
Information is not lost due to the Universe being made up of many round things. If one of the round things lose information it can get it back from copying from the other round things around it.

6.Assuming this consciousness exists then what is it like? Well it will be intelligent because at least one species of objects within is intelligent ie us. Actually all species are 'intelligent' but our all out war against nature has made it hard to observe this as we have destroyed their societies. The mistake would be to look for humanness within this consciousness if we were to look for this consciousness outside of the human species as we tend to do.

7.The Universe has a structure. This means that we do not see true 'randomness' - something that has no structure. The Universe has structure and we see it all the time. Whats more is that this structure tends to group around itself and can be observed in the so called 'bell curve' of probability density function.
True randomness to me means that a thing that at one moment is one thing, at another is another, another moment may not even exist. I recall watching a Youtube mathematics lecture - old one from the 50's or 60's by some renown mathematician. Can't find it at the moment but will add it here if I do [Herbert Gross lecture an example of his lecture as follows - Also at the MIT website - MC Nov 7, 2015 1400pm]. He basically said that the number theory is based on the number line and that it is ordered ie 1, 2, 3,.... and that it does not necessarily have to be so.
This points to one characteristic of this consciousness and even of God's consciousness. I describe this characteristic by saying positives create more positives and negatives self annihilates to non-existence. This means simply that good things grow and negative 'bad' things destroys itself. It is proven in fact as well.

8.I may have seen evidence of this but am not able to verify this at the time of writing this note (November 7, 2015 1356pm). Will verify when I can and note here.

9.I hypothesize an abstraction. Say the Universe consists of positive and negative things. Positive (ie good things) include all those thing one would describe as positive ie love, growth, bloom, increase etc. Negative things include decreasing, evil etc. The negative things will tend towards non-existence. The positive thing will tend to increase. I have studied this in information by looking at snappy words in forums, human language and see that this is true.
And before one says that we are simply putting a 'value on an emotion' etc I point to the fact that giving your telepathic power to what is good creates more good. Hence this shows that the good is defined outside oneself and is a structure within the Universe itself.
This also is shown in how we are the sum of our experiences. That instead of saying that boredom is an emotion and hence 'our fault' we should recognize that it is actually our biology telling us that we should do something else - much like muscle building at the gym where we have to change work out routine every 2 weeks or so as we stop seeing muscle growth otherwise.

10.Richard Dawkins while I think not logical on his reasoning as to why a conscious, all encompassing entity (God) cannot exist made a good point about the existence of memes, which obviously exists. It exists in all information space. In genetics, the written and spoken word, electromagnetism, gravity, everywhere. Perhaps replication and growth is a quality and nature of our Universe and its physics.

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