Thursday, December 10, 2015

What you will need if we fail to prevent WW4 and allow the rise of insanity


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If we fail to prevent WW4 then we will all be tortured before the world is destroyed. You will see the signs of this very early. The signs will come from the corruption, crimes against humanity and other crimes as we have seen perpetrated by NUT-1 and the SKNF.

You will need all of the following in preparation:

1.A variety of marble to hand sized nuclear bombs. Easiest way to go and without pain and you take out the serial killing pervert vermin. Something that even NUT-1 wants seeing how the SKNF have tried to take them hostage, commit atrocity on them and then murder them slowly. Also has the advantage of being something that the psycho's love watching because it is spectacular.

2. A large variety of kill pills and euthanising chemicals for yourself and your loved ones. The variety is required because the swarming microbots and/or advanced weapons can destroy these chemicals and render them inert or merely toxic.

3. A gun with large caliber bullets to shoot yourself and loved ones in the brain. It does not hurt as the death is too quick to react to.

4. Sharp knives and blades and the best pain-killer medicine if 1 and 2 have been rendered unusable. The psycho's would probably love to see you use this on yourself and loved ones so will likely keep these things operational. You will need to cut your loved ones neck, find a carotid artery and open them completely. It is initially quite painful but tolerable. The death is painless (see observation of Malaysian man and his wife in Perth having to euthanize their young son in this manner so that they protect him from suffering SKNF atrocity in this report

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