Thursday, April 28, 2016

On The Existence Of Precognition Or Using Telepathy To Predict The Future

From Oracle Shrine at Delphi, Greece

I think it is possible to tell the future using telepathy. I have probably seen an example of this already. The future of this is yet to happen at the time of writing this entry but I think it to be a truth.

From note entry dated 26th April 2016:
-SKNF and NUT-1 continue with a stream of verbiage using lords representatives to gain propaganda mileage.
This has always been a good sign that the SKNF and NUT-1 are about to see a Scenario 1: FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1->Logical and rational path. Both SKNF and NUT-1 are showing no remorse or contrition.
1247pm: I am now sure that it will be Scenario 1: FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1->Logical and rational path. What convinced me was the way Fruitcake started his mad head swinging causing his head to become very swollen similar to the time he didn't want to participate in something and his subconscious took over: see
I wonder when we will see it happen.

I suspect Fruitcake had performed a test of truth using the unobtrusive method for telling whether a thing is true or not (, discovered the truth and then had one of his psychotic episodes.

History also has many examples of this gift.

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