Saturday, April 25, 2015

Do not use the electronic internet to search for information because it is full of lies and ulterior motives


California's drought can be solved by using advanced soil activators.

China has and is doing this in reclaiming the Gobi dessert for commercial agricultural use.

However doing a Google search on this will inform one that soil activators do not work and are a fraud. This is an outright lie and is probably pushed by commercial interests. These commercial interests are actually making money at the expense of their wealth - something that anyone in their right mind must never ever do.

SOIL ACTIVATORS DO WORK and have a long and excellent history all over the world, from desert countries like Israel to China.

If you need information on this then use telepathy to seek the answers that you are looking for.

I discovered soil activators while sent for a 3 day study of it in Beijing with Beijing Green Angel Technology Company Ltd China ( The senior person is charge of this company is a man called Dr.Zhang. Apparently they were already reclaiming the Gobi desert with this product during this time. I think the impetus for China's environment conscious technology came from the environment degradations that cause all kinds of havoc including dust storms, food shortages etc. The USA has its own research and probably similar bulk commercial products.

Desert reclaimation in China: From

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