Saturday, May 7, 2016

Curios In Symbolic Language: Example The Tetragrammaton

From Tetragrammaton

YH = AYAH which in Malay is father, something possibly carried through over the ages
WH = WAH as in arabic Wahid or in english the number one.

Therefore YHWH (you have to read the image from right to left not the usual left to right) is transliterated to Father One.
This in translation probably means the Lord most high eg A Lord of FAMILY-1, Pharoah, The Highest King etc.

I suspect it refers to more than the Lord of Onn (or what is now present day Cairo) hence my reference to FAMILY-1.

Furthermore the Hebrew H (ה) looks like the Greek symbol for Pi (Π). The symbol Pi (Π) is used to represent the sun or God in hieroglyphic Egyptian ie is represented as a round object. Could the two Pi's (Π) be symbolic for Upper and Lower Egypt?

All suggesting the ancient interconnectedness of the human species and how old our cultures are, even older then the ice ages.

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