Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lesson of the Nutcake: The result of a psychotic psychological development



Idiot-Sons' hurting themselves by head swinging back and vertebrae trauma is actually a cry for sympathy. It is a symptom of misplaced behavior that is a result of violent and psychotic parenting. The learnt response due to incorrect parenting and the child's, and later the adult's, subsequent learnt behavior can be compared to a building created by a psychotic, crazy, loon, mad, insane architect.
In the role of senior, Frankie-the-Fruit is unable to obtain sympathy from his colleagues and thus forces his subordinates to act their respect for him by a show of sympathy for the pain and trauma he has sustained by his psychotic behavior in the guise of being the most fearsome. Actually Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons are trying to get sympathy from their fathers foremost and their relatives secondarily, this even though they have tried to kill their relatives for their estates.
However this homicidal behavior is actually unconscious even though it may be expressed consciously. The
and the Idiot-Sons have also almost killed themselves, their fathers who they need within the power structure and their relatives who are just holders of the estates that they will inherit.
The murder attempt on their relatives can be liken to a lens consciousness accidentally alights onto the general subconscious will to kill. This lens is then treated by the Idiot-Sons as their conscious will and 'plan' but it is only a superficial perspective.
We can take another lesson from this apart from the Lesson of the Nutcake. The lesson is about the link between sanity and psychological development.
For instance: Do not leave a baby or child to "cry itself out", leaving it uncared for in the belief that it will not repeat what is painful to it as the cry is a indicator of pain. A child cries because this is the only way it can communicate. It does not have the linguistic tools, the self toileting and hygiene tools and many or all of the other tools that we take for granted as adults. As human beings and mammals we have to learn everything. We are not insect or arachnids. These learnt things are developed over time. Give the child the love and attention it needs. Check that it is not hurt, uncomfortable, it may have soiled itself - change diapers immediately (this also explains the Idiot-Sons' turd tossing rectal romance that they have used to soil the department they are in and attack their colleagues).
In summary: Love, encouragement, attention and all good things are tools that support learning. Punishment and violence are tools to create psychosis and insane behavior.

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