Friday, May 15, 2015

Acupuncture (BAD) vs Acupressure (GOOD)

AcupunctureNeedles AcupressureMassage
Acupuncture = BAD Acupressure = GOOD

The practice of medicine such as that of acupressure has been corrupted over time and acupuncture is the result. You do not put needles in your body and cause injury to it as this can introduce pathogens into the body. I believe that the origins of acupressure is massage. Massage and acupressure is therapeutic. Acupuncture is dangerous and has no scientific basis.

Massage is entirely beneficial for various reasons least being that it causes blood flow into places where there is poor blood flow. This allows repair of that part of the body as nutrients, oxygen and repair cells are pushed into the area. It also causes cell signalling chemicals to move away from the massaged region thus reducing the period in which a bruised area remains painful and non-functional.

I have even seen baldness cured by massage. A possible reason is as stated above.

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