Friday, December 16, 2016

Summarising what telepathy can do...


Nothing is impossible for God
-Luke 1:37 :

-With respect to the note dated 14th December 2016 number 2 (14/12/2016-2): Someone pointed out that by allowing the SKNF to build their telepathy by terrorizing the poor will actually result in the SKNF winning and that Family as well as all good people will suffer atrocity. This is true.
The reason for this is that the SKNF will fool the good until the point where they are guaranteed to win. The good won't know any different as they will see corroboration between their telepathy and real observations even at the advanced machinery level.
What is more is that the shift in telepathic superiority will be a lot faster and will have a larger then expected effect if for instance the people not giving their power to that which is good or the people not under the good lords are allowed to be killed or taken prisoner by the SKNF. This is because these good people are actually also subconsciously contributing the power of their good to the good. On top of that they also contribute a 'coexistent' contribution in that their good also spurs the components that vector the good power from every other thing, human, flora, fauna and even inanimate Earth to contribute to that which is good.
I recall doing a similar experiment when being hassled by Fruitcake by myself and without telepathic support and found that it did increase my telepathic power when I chose for the subconscious of everything (flora and fauna) to contribute their power to me to block something Fruitcake was harassing me with. It actually worked. Obviously if these people held hostage did this consciously their power contributed would be even greater.
We cannot allow the SKNF snake to return.

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