Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Magic Card Trick

1. Randomly shuffle a deck (or as many decks) of cards as you wish

2. Have deck face down so you cannot see the suit and number of the cards

3. Choose a card from the top of the deck

4. Try to predict card suit and number.

(write to me at this address if you want a simple game to train yourself into developing this gift).

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The trick to developing this gift is not to pressure yourself but encourage yourself into learning how to do it. I do it in the following way:

I write 5-7 rectangles the same size of the cards on a page. I try to give myself every opportunity to be right.

I label each rectangle in the following order from top to bottom

1.My prediction on this card is totally wrong.

2.I found a least one thing right. I may have said a clubs but got a spade instead. The color was right.

3.I found at least 2 things right. Suit (color and/or suit and/or number).

4.I found at least 3 things right. Suit and number (color and suit and number)

5.I was totally right in all respects with regards to that card.

I then go through a very large number of shuffled decks, reshuffling often to keep the probability of accidentally being right low. You will find that the number of cards in each rectangle will shift from towards being right ie shift from 1 to 5 as you practice. It is also easier when there are more people. You have to be mindful that the SKNF could be watching and use the swarming microbots to tell them what the face down cards are and screw your experiment.

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