Wednesday, September 21, 2016




"272.Basic research into why if a mad person swings his/her head madly to induce the same in a victim that the victim does not suffer brain damage as that mad person will. This may be one of the reasons why people say evil magic is bad to to perpetrator of it.
:The victim's brain seems to be able to instantly 'strengthen' itself in someway that even after 2 years of constant repetition of induced mad head swinging the victims brain continues to stay healthy and without damage while the attackers brain is totally mashed. See Fruitcake and his mad head swinging attacks, his consequent massive brain damage and that healthy brains of his victims. Likely to be very valuable to medical and even other science."

The evidence indicates that we have an inbuilt force field that activates when attacked in that telepathic manner. And it activates faster then light ie through the gravitational force.

Other science here includes advanced materials. Imagine if you could make a smart scaffolding that initially stabilizes the building of curled space that we call matter. Imagine if we could make this into any size. The material itself could also be smart. You can remove the scaffolding afterwards so that it is all made up of the strongest material in the known Universe. And by changing the material itself we could then explore other Universes if we ever found the existence of a multiverse.

We are fortunate that we can use what we know from biochemistry and microbiology as examples thus making this science much easier to acquire.

Also this is probably one of the components for Star Trek replicator technology as well as its portability.

Perhaps one of the clues in finding natural examples of smart materials is how they do not break down no matter how often it is used. This means that small amounts have big effects. Examples of this phenomenon are catalyst, enzymes, polymerases, hormones (plant and animal) and probably whatever it is that forms a force field preventing us from brain damage when a nutter forces our heads to swing madly by telepathically induction. We actually have quite a good library of things already to get us started.

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