Saturday, January 21, 2017

To the 'kings': The Capitalist Manifesto - "Whatsitoyou!!!"

Romanov Family

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx (see is and has been portrayed as being based on serious and logical economic propositions. The propositions are as follows:

1.That the only things that contain value are tangible and manufactured.

2.That income from real property does not add to the economy but subtracts from it as nothing new is gained like a form of parasitim. Hence it is OK to take/steal/rob this property by force from their rightful owners and give it to someone else, especially to the SKNF but disguised as being secured for the 'kings'.

It is obvious to anyone that thinks about these two propositions for just a moment that these propositions are actually pseudologic and bullshit. Its purpose was actually part of a SKNF Take-All-Sides-Trick and Attack By Psudo-Logic Meme Trick. It was used by the "snake/worm at world's end" to divide and aggress the 'kings' and wealthy from and against the other good people, commit atrocity on all of them and impoverish them in every way, fooling everyone and hiding the snake's hand in this evil.

The SKNF snake had and is also using massive telepathic brainwashing techniques to cause the 'kings' to commit evil against the own family and impoverish them by fooling them into destroying their fundamental defenses against their enemies and instead making them think that their enemies is their defense and is making them wealthier and safer.

What I was unaware of until quite recently was that there is actually a mirror version of the Communist Manifesto. This I call the Capitalist Manifesto.

The Capitalist Manifesto is also pseudologic and bullshit but it is sold as rational and logical economic propositions within our Universities and other parts of academia. The SKNF snake is the force and power causing this. The psudologic also given weight by being part of what they teach in Economics in almost all Universities.

Universities are considered to be the places of highest learning and knowledge.

Likewise the Capitalist Manifesto purpose is actually part of a SKNF Take-All-Sides-Trick and Attack By Psudo-Logic Meme Trick.

The propositions of the Capitalist Manifesto appears to be

1.The use of unauthorized money and over production of money has no effect on the economy but will in fact enrich the 'kings' if no one knows who has the money. In fact it will make the 'kings' wealthier if they are the ones who have this over produced money as the economy takes time to react to this inflation and the 'kings' can buy assets at the lower 'yesterday' values of these assets. I was told this is a logical and truthful proposition in a Stage 3 Macroeconomics class at Auckland University, a top ranked University. Not mentioned is how the wealth creating tool which is the monetary system (also a wealth) is destroyed and the wealth falls to the 'kings' enemies.

2.As long as the 'kings' can sell the income and hence wealth of the future for the costs of the present in the form of loans to the nations that these kings are kings off then the 'kings' will be totally unaffected by corruption and waste. Hence this is why it is OK for the SKNF to destroy property, mass produce unauthorized cash etc. The 'kings' can repair the damage at no cost to themselves. The populace can then have their estate forcibly taken if they do not repay these loans and it also justifies committing atrocities on them. No mention of how the populace actually keeps the 'kings' safe from their enemies and actually create all known wealth.

3.Opportunity costs (such as new wealth eg from improperly managed assets and fiscal indiscipline, corruption, the 'kings' being intentionally impoverished and outright theft does not affect the kings but makes them wealthier.

Propositions 2 and 3 was being seriously announced as logic by the SKNF snake this morning at about 0745am on Saturday 21st January 2017 this morning and was directed to the 'kings'. It also gave away one of the lies that the SKNF has actually brainwashed the 'kings' into believing.

4.You must make every attempt to kill your own family as it makes you stronger, richer and safer. In general you should apply this to your team in every endeavor where you work as a team. For instance, a rugby game is won by killing and disabling your own team first and this is even more true when it is your own family, who you cannot trust at all compared to your enemy who is entirely trustworthy and who you should support using all your resources. It is especially true if your family is wealthy and owns lots of property hence making it even more important that you start attacking them first and hand your family's wealth to your enemies.

5.The 'kings' must take advice only from the 'kings' enemies as this is "Good Advice". The SKNF snake loves the 'kings', makes them wealthier and is not trying to commit atrocities on them and due to these atrocities accidentally kill them.


I had this fleeting thought of what my old employers would have done if I had just lost them NZD500million and exclaimed "Whatsitoyou!!!" as I frisbeed their financial reports onto their desks.

Global economic results is a reflection of how the Capitalist Manifesto is actually a real thing and has been implemented all across the world and hence why our economies are such disasters. The only economies doing well are those that are doing their best not to apply this virtual and psychotic economic policy.

Note entry 20th of January 2017:
"What's it to you!!!"

-Fruitcake exclaiming as people were trying to put into perspective the cost of repairing the damage he has personally caused to the building he is housed in and which belongs to the 'kings' of NZ.
It was said that if all the SKNF did the same the cost would be greater then NZD100,000,000,000,000,000 (NZD 1 x 1017) or if converted to houses that are NZD1million each with a quarter acre property then would equate to 100,000,000,000 homes or 10 x 1million dollar homes for each and every person on the planet or would equate to needing approximately 2.5 x Earth's surface area including the surface areas of the oceans/seas or what would happen if the senior accountant and/or auditor handed in the financial reports and yelled "what's it to you!!!" at the boss or this being equivalent to about 100million times Keppel Corps net profit for 2015 or 8million times Microsoft Corp's net profit for 2015 etc....

Note entry 19th of January 2017:
-From an earlier note entry. My current incarnation of notes tell me this is from the 2nd of May 2016 but the SKNF has been screwing around with these notes for some time now and I suspect it may be wrong. I think the original formula was
Fruitcake's related but parallel incidents of ultra-craziness to the lords' resolution of the SKNF threat has taken another exponential leap into the place that only madness knows. This being a characteristic of Fruitcake's behavior.
If I were to give his craziness a mathematical formula, it would be something like
where i is a count of the number of incidents of craziness starting from April 2012.
The cost of repairing the building that Fruitcake is housed in and has damaged is roughly but officially estimated to be somewhere between NZD300million-NZD500million (three hundred million to five hundred million NZD).
Everyone is saying that we can expect this cost the exponentially increase if he is not stopped. The bet is that the building next door will be the first hit in the same way as it is geographically closest.

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