Thursday, August 11, 2016

"War Results In Progress" Is A Myth And Is Perpetrated By Serial Killing Pervert Rapist Vermin


Link to Google Drawings document:

This came about because of my recent and ongoing experiences in WW3 and the SKNF conspiracy.

I had been wondering why it had taken so long to discover and use electricity. Much of our electromagnetic studies and technologies came from the voltaic pile. It is also obvious that they had this for quite sometime, at least since the 12 century and probably even in ancient Egypt and earlier. The thing is so simple.

My experiences in WW3 tells me that what has probably been happening is that we struggle to maintain progress when there is constant war, something that humanity has been experiencing and doing since we were primitive apes societies. The psychosis of war, the serial killing pervert rapist vermin and, as the sycophanting serial killing pervert rapist vermin like to call their nutty leaders, War is the cause of our backwardness.

The serial killing pervert rapist vermin are only interested in performing their psychosis much like Fruitcake and his four hobbies and de-facto job description (wanking, killing, snorting coke and drawing attention to himself).

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