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Gravity, Matter, Things-That-Go-Faster-Than-Light and the Big Bang

It appears that matter, atoms, electrons, proton, neutrons etc are made out of space itself, with a the core of the particle being a very small black hole.

For those that are interested I recommend buying Halton Arp's book "Quasars, Redshifts and Controversies". I believe the price is USD20.00 and can be purchased from Amazon. It is a book that I would want in my library and probably worth far more intrinsically than its very modest price!

You will also need to have a look at the Color-Magnitude (Google seems to equate Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams with Color-Magnitude diagrams) diagrams of two astronomical objects,  open clusters and globular clusters.

CM diagram: M67 & NGC188
CM diagram: M3 Globular Cluster

In summary, it appears that quasars are black holes that are produced by galaxies. As these quasars age, they in turn become open clusters, then globular clusters, then elliptical galaxies and finally spiral galaxies such as the Andromeda or our own Milky Way galaxy. Blazars are galaxies but with one of their "jets" pointed directly at Earth so we can see down its center.

Blackhole Quasar OpenCluster EllipticalGalaxy SpiralGalaxy
1.Black-hole 2.Quasar 3.Open cluster 4.Globular cluster or 5.Spiral Galaxy
Elliptical Galaxy

The evolution of quasar to open cluster and then to globular cluster tells us that matter is made from empty space. It appears that the quasar generates hydrogen atoms around it. As the hydrogen forms, it coalesces into blue stars ie stars that do not have a lot of heavy elements such as iron in them. This quasar then becomes a open cluster. The open cluster's stars start forming more heavy elements as well as more hydrogen. Stars that then form are formed from these heavier elements as well as hydrogen. This leads to the open cluster becoming a globular cluster and eventually an elliptical galaxy (which is just a old globular cluster). This explains the Color-Magnitude diagrams of the open cluster and globular cluster. The younger open cluster has predominantly blue stars which are mainly composed of hydrogen. The older globular cluster has a variety of stars, many in the red/violet region indicating stars that have coalesced from other stars that have gone nova. Note that the Open-Cluster's have a higher proportion of blue stars. The stars with heavier elements, those that are in the red spectrum, probably are from the nova material of older stars or can be derived from sucking in stars from its "mother" galaxy.

Halton Arp's book suggest that these quasars have been ejected from the older galaxy nuclei (ie center of the galaxy). I think this is not true as the globular clusters, elliptical galaxies and quasars surrounding the spiral galaxy are not found with the quasars closer and the elliptical galaxies further away but are actually found at a variety of distances away from the spiral galaxy center. Some of the pictures suggest that the galactic jets (laser like jets that appear to originate at the center of galaxies and beam away perpendicular their spirals) are the source of these quasars but the fact that the quasars, elliptical galaxies and globular clusters are found at varying distances from these jets and the galactic center suggests that this may not be true.

Example of galactic jet

Another thing to take note off is the length of these galactic "jets". Each jet can be longer than the length of a spiral galaxy. The Milky was is approximately 100,000 light years in length (diameter). The fact that this "jets" are also almost straight and laser like shows that whatever is producing these "jets" is faster than light. These jets would be bent like a banana and away from the direction of motion of that galaxy if the beam producing them is not faster than light.

It appears that the spinning central black hole of an active galactic nuclei (AGN) galaxy produces a gravitational beam that produces these galactic "jets" that forms along the axis of rotation and perpendicular to the spiral plane of that galaxy and its central blackhole. My hypothesis is that the spinning central blackhole flattens the spherical spinning blackhole. This concentrates the gravity field at the top and bottom (along the axis of rotation) and causes this jet.

The Big Bang therefore is a myth and a nonsense. The universe appears to have formed somehow and is getting larger by forming more material. All those other hypothesis and theories that require a Big Bang are also nonsense.

Another thing that the Halton Arp's book mentions is how some of these quasars have redshifts that are greater than 2 to be on the safe side and 1 otherwise. The formula for redshift is:

z = (Wavelength[observed] - Wavelength[stationary])/Wavelength[stationary]
Wavelength[normal] = Wavelength of a emitted or absorbed spectrum from a stationary object
Wavelength[observed] = Wavelength of a emitted or absorbed spectrum from a moving object.
z = Redshift value
For example if the observed wavelength is 5MHz and the stationary wavelength is 2 MHz then the redshift is z = 2.5. This redshift value also gives how many times greater (or lesser) than light speed an object is moving. To get the velocity you multiple z (redshift value) by the speed of light ie cz where c = speed of light (approximately 300,000,000 m/s).

Another simpler explanation of redshifts is this one from UCLA.

The meaning of this based on usual usage and Hubble's Law is that the object is moving faster than light. However this is impossible as the speed of light is constant ie approximately 300,000,000 m/s.

Publicly available astronomy nonsense then claims things like inflation to account for this but this is total bullshit. In reality it appears that strong gravitational fields can change the redshifts of objects, but only dragging them towards the red end of the spectrum. So if blue light were to travel away from a sufficiently strong gravitational source, that light, when it reaches Earth, may actually look red.

One more thing. I suggest that these quasars and blackholes formed from galactic central core blackholes are formed not only by the concentration of the gravitational fields at the top and bottom of these spinning black holes, along the rotating axis, but possibly by other mechanisms, maybe a type of resonating "music". This would explain why the Cosmic Microwave Background image shows activity in regions that are like deserts in a sea of microwave ie empty regions.

All sky cosmic microwave background

The microwaves are probably emanating from particles of hydrogen and possibly other elements.

One implication of all this is that in order to produce matter out of the emptiness of space we do not need extremely strong gravitational fields but can probably be more efficient by resonating a region of space with some clever resonating complexes combined with a small initial gravitational field. A bit like the cold fusion experiments that showed that fusion can occur at low temperatures.

My thoughts regarding gravity are as follows:
1.Gravity exists everywhere in the Universe at the same time and hence there is no velocity of gravity. I provide evidence of this by pointing to how galaxies maintain their spiral shapes over long periods of time. If gravity had any velocity whatsoever I believe that we would not see a shape form at all but would observe a chaotic arrangement of things within a galaxy.
2.I was told and believe that the Apollo space program astronauts that went behind the moon were able to receive and transmit telepathic messages instantaneously. This may also indicate that gravity is everywhere at the same time.
3.Telekinesis probably is an effect of gravity and secondarily an effect of electromagnetism. It would explain the Magic Card Trick (but not entirely).

27th March 2017 MC: Black holes are not black at all but will shine bright like a new star. Color? My guess blue/white. The stars started life probably as black holes.

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