Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cold Fusion

Cold fusion is real and while an inefficient way of creating energy did show that it is possible to have fusion occur at low temperatures.

Links to papers on cold fusion by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons can be found in the Wiki.

Link to Berkeley page on Cold Fusion.

Basically the experiment consists of putting a whole lot of heavy water (ie water with lots of Deuterium in a beaker, sticking in palladium electrodes and charging up the electrodes with a negative charge (ie forcing electrons into at least one of the electrodes - I have not read the experiment but it is possible to do it to both the electrodes). The water bath is then sonicated ie vibrated with high frequency vibrations.

What happens is that some of these Deuterium atoms are accidentally, in just the right state to fuse and form Helium. This process has a output that can be measured statistically. It is therefore possible to turn this process into a manufacturing process for Helium. Also the same method could probably be applied to manufacture other heavier elements.

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