Friday, September 9, 2011

Space and Eden: Free Energy

The basis of free, clean and unlimited energy (making the laws of physics into principles actually) is the superconductor ring system as shown above. The reason why it is called energy from the vacuum (and ignore all that deliberately unclear double-speak you read or hear when you look into this - there are usually economic rationales [mad ones] behind this) is because while the superconductor is can be cooled by helium (expensive) it can also be cooled by inexpensive nitrogen (at very low pressures - probably using a small amount of helium as the primary refrigerant). Nitrogen can be used because since P = k1k2VT (Pressure [P] is proportional to volume [V] and temperature [T] at constant number of atoms of gas] then at extremely low temperatures (lower than when it turns into a solid at common pressures of 1 atmosphere) one has a extremely cold liquid if the pressure is low enough. Nitrogen can then be used as a secondary and low cost (compared to helium) refrigerant for the superconductor. The electronics and computation to maintain the ultra-cold refrigerators exist.

A electromagnetic wave or pulse will continually travel around the ring and if the system is engineered properly, will continue forever with effects of self induction and heating to the system. All it takes is good engineering.

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