Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zeptosecond pulses - Crossing the line into antigravity

My last post may not have been optimistic enough. According to this article, we are starting to see zeptosecond pulses (original Nature article: Following a chemical reaction using high-harmonic interferometry p604, Nature Volume 466 Number 7306 pp531-660). According to my model, we will reach the holy grail of reactionless drives and 'antigravity'. Of course it will require the technologies to be fitted to this purpose. The technology will need the following things
1. Be able to create a single pulse: We have this already.
2. Lower the power of each pulse (measurable I guess by the voltage).
3. Be able to create a train of pulses of high frequency: This model : further down the page.

And now that we are already here, I suggest the following for the future colonisation of space:
1. All solid state devices (no moving parts)
2. A basic system that is inviolable: Ship basic ie. The ship will always perform with certain basic maneuvers - it will be designed this way.
3. Force fields: If we can create zeptosecond pulses for antigravity we can have force fields.
4. Lego building blocks as the fundamental model to ship building: Modular and low cost.
5. Design of systems to be unbreakable for all eternity: A model far removed from our consumer based designs of today.

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