Saturday, February 19, 2011

On complex signals and potential new technologies

Telepathy is a real thing. This is the perception and transmission of thoughts and feelings from and to another person, or groups of people, even to the whole world if one wants to do so. All it takes is to hold that thought or perception or feeling in ones consciousness for any length of time (the longer the better if one is to ensure that the perception is actually perceived by the other). There are of course subtleties to this but this is merely complexity and a little more understanding of what telepathy is likely to be.

Is telepathy limited to the speed of light? That currently is debatable as we, humanity, still have no understanding of gravity. If gravity is faster than the speed of light in a vacuum, than so might telepathy.

But this gift has 'higher' levels of ability. This I show with a little experiment I performed to my satisfaction, which I call the Magic Card Trick". What it means is that everything, possibly with a gravitational field, and of course with an electromagnetic field, will generate a structured field that is related to its shape. In other words, the shape of the thing, regardless of what it is, is retained ie. information is structured. Even inanimate things.

How is telepathy or even the Magic Card Trick possible? A complex thing will generate a complex three dimensional shape in the field it generates. While the power of the field generated may be infinitesimally small, the overall shape is perceivable by a sufficiently complex receptor. The word complex here hardly indicates the level of complexity when considering the human perception. It may be possible to perceive shapes with something less complex like a machine designed for that purpose. Likewise a complex organism may generate and transmit an equally complex shape, just by thinking of it, or moving in the right way.

Another thing about telepathy and the Magic Card Trick is that the transmission and reception can occur through an intervening solid, such as the whole Earth. It does not take much power, all it takes is a sufficiently complex shape in a electromagnetic (and likely gravitational) field. Both fundamentals in this Universe.

What are some of the implications of this?

For instance, if one can perceive something, and if one could also transmit a complex shape, one should be able to move the source of that shape. It would not take a lot of power. The model is here. There are other levels to telepathy. Even telekinesis. What a gift.

Consider what the implications of these realities are. The idea of a Star Trek like tricorder - basically a swiss army knife of a tool that can see through walls, get a reading on the nature of surrounding matter etc, is not far fetched. Incisionless surgery, passive ways of looking into and through things (goodbye x-rays, hello non-lethal real-time viewing) for instance.

It also makes the whole idea of war and weaponery, both offensive and defensive ridiculous. Weapons could be made that would make the most powerful nuclear bomb look like a toy. You could 'shake', very precisely, anything with a shape to dust, create disruptors and other advanced weapons. And at the speed of light too (and maybe even more). And all this without damaging the intervening material. Laser beams as a weapon would be a quaint old idea. It may be that the device or devices that are able to do these thing will fit into the palm of your hand.

And all this only around the proverbial corner.

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