Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stomach pains in a 41/2 year old

My daughter seems to be going through a period of stomach upsets and pains. For just on two days now she has had to bear stomach cramps and as a result has a very poor appetite for all those things she loves most. Unfortunately we introduced her to sweets too early in her life and now are paying the price for it.

This recent incident is a result of a solid stool being passed through her large intestine causing gas and constipation. I believe it is because of something she ate, doughnuts, ice cream and a whole lot of oily foods at a birthday party she went to probably.

A natural therapist myself, I had attempted, unsuccessfully this time, to find a natural cure for this. My mistake however was that I had assumed this was a bacterial gut infection as she had previously and fed her Xango, a mangosteen fruit product to kill the bug. This of course did not work and I ended up going to a 24 hour doctor who gave her something for the gas and something else which seems to have worked. But at least I learnt something.

In this case I should have felt her stomach. Should it be soft in most areas but have a single hard part where the large intestine, the colon, should be than it is likely to be constipation and a solid stool. Especially if this is a single solid mass.

So what is the natural cure for this? Well I have a preventative measure, which is simply providing her with fruit such as papaya and mango which softens the her stools. However in this case where the problem has already occurred, I may try laxative teas in the future, she it happen again. Possibly should have tried prune juice but that is not easily available in Malaysia. Anyway, she is better now and as a parent I am thankful for the lesson. Peace.

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