Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stepping stones in 2009 and a time for creation

I am introducing an experiment into my life. One that will show that living in the love of God is actually the way to live in life. Loving kindness, the Secret, Jesus Christ, Muhammed, many of the gurus I have read, all speak the same thing. There is a God and it is everything. An area so profound that it is a wonder that not more people try to understand these things. I will probably speak more of this in the future as I am in a kind of novitiate, I feel unready at the moment.

A small insight into my mind. I love science. I love understanding the world around me, one of the reasons I first got into information technology. When information technology became popularised by the world wide web, I was unaware and unknowing of just what it was. Ten years later I understand it fundamentally. Like information technology, commercial and popular science as we know it today is an expensive undertaking. Far more so that many people can afford, including me. Many of the writings about the findings and speculations in science are poorly understood and has created a kind of mysticism. One of my favourites is the one quoting Einstein where he is quoted as saying something like "..action at a distance, how spooky..". Another is the one where they say that an electron has a quantum field where only at the point of observation does this field collapse and (this is the part where the misunderstanding exists) does it become substantial or so it is implied ~ usually this issue is circumlocuted before the reader can begin to understand its meaning. My last but not least bit of mysticism is the idea that as a person travels closer to light speed, time dilates ie the person moving closer to light speed experiences a different frame of reference in so much as that person ages more slowly that someone still on earth travelling at a much smaller velocity. You know the one. What does this all mean? Well read on and I will let you in on the secret, which is not the Secret (a great book full of meaning if only we can understand the perspective), but just as fascinating.

Yesterday I met with a wonderful person called Pastor Johnson through another wonderful person called Debbie. Pastor Johnson gave up his life in the fast paced world of commercial banking, where as he says, he would loan loads of cash to high net worth clients. He gave up this world to look after an orphanage and home for the helpless. They live in a small wooden house, extended by tents, and shelfing space at Lot 102C, Jalan Sungei 2, Taman Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur. In this small space are housed young children and disabled elderly persons, people abandoned and those having lost their parents and almost their worlds. The meek and the aged. This house is aptly named Stepping Stones Home.

At present the home has 100 children, 6 mothers and 5 elderly persons. They operate a kindergarten for the children and the pastor drives about 65 of the older children in a donated bus to school surrounding the area.

Kind people provide food, and gifts and bags and toys and clothes and all kinds of things to this home. They show their love in this manner. However, the critical contribution of working funds is meagre and as they say, their finances are met faithfully in "miraculous" ways.

My part in all this. Well I am one of those that will provide free IT services, such as child education, installations and implementations (when or if they manage to get their computers donated). My feeling though is that the home needs money. So if you have a dime, go visit this home and become a benefactor. This I will do as well when that time comes.

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