Sunday, December 7, 2008

The day it rained

Trying to live a life with a shortage of travel funds, two kids and a wife is not simple. You have to be open to the fact that you will be spending a lot of days at home, mooching around, even though the common perception is that every second counts. This of course is quete true. It counts if you have something to do, or somewhere to go. What if this is only something for the rich though. Recall in economics, unemployment is labelled as leisure. I wonder where the leisure is when food becomes a priority, or water becomes a necessity. Hi Mom, I'm just going to starve to death. But you did that yesterday!

In reality, the serious needs of life is to live and nothing more. You can become a Buddhist and calm yourself to the exigencies of an empty stomach, but a three year old won't have that luck. In fact its probably better to consider giving it all away instead of contemplating what to do tomorrow. Capeche!

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