Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cap Square for a birthday

Going to birthdays during your adulthood has something to do with eating as someones for free while not knowing who it was that invited you. Thats if you are locally famous but not famous enough to get invited to all the events the big wigs attend.

What usually happens is that some people arrive first, the great faux pas, normally we do that. Then arrive the more in, who actually arrive later as they tend to have more to do and people to wait for, than the friends of the friends who you have only just met. In a city like KL, unless you have been here for a few years, almost all parties are like this.

If where you are going is a bachelor pad than there will be broken glass, a toe sliced and blood on the floor. There seems to be a rhythm to things. Something to do with the moon. Maybe the Hare Khrisna's will know better what its all about. It sure happens a lot.
The best thing to do is to completely ignore your hosts and concentrate on whatever you are doing, even if it means feeding yourself in the face of this catastrophe. There are things we can learn from super stars and thats one of them. Be completely selfish!

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