Friday, November 28, 2008

Monsoon in Kuala Lumpur

Everyday it rains at 4 pm. It actually begins at 4 pm, continues to about 10 pm and stops altogether at 12 pm. Monsoon weather. Within two months, the Monsoon will end and an incredible dry and hot weather will begin. Seasons in the tropics.

This makes planning a child's day difficult, especially if the children are on holiday with time to spare. It is too early to go to the park as the afternoon sun turns the early dew into a steam room of, I think, 99% humidity. Perspiration just does not dry and cool ones body, it sits on the shirt harbouring smells.

My youngest needs a playmate who is not her father. She has now taken a liking to a thirteen year old that fortunately is great with young children but spends his time in our house because he himself has little to do. City life can be like this if one doesn't spend. Unfortunately for him as well as he is really looking for a place to go himself without being stuck at home. This is the lesser side of Kuala Lumpur. Maybe I should put them out to work, or even send them to the church for singing lessons.

My oldest is stuck on runescape and seems to have the ability to entertain himself. Nine is a great age. Things are still interesting. Maybe he is fortunate that he likes meeting and playing with people older than he is. He also has a few friends around the condominium that has the same needs he does. They manage to entertain themselves somehow.

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