Friday, May 20, 2011

On the making of slaves

No one wants to be a slave. To be a slave means that one has to do things that are fundamentally detrimental to ones welfare. So how does this come about in economies that have, supposedly, laws against slavery?

Its origins begins with the very real threats of pain, torture, hunger, incarceration, even medical procedures such as lobotomies and a whole host of evils. These threats can be very direct. Moving up the food chain, these threats become less direct but not less real. It could be the difference between a hungry child and one that is fed.

The real question is how can there be masters.  At its penultimate level, the master is not affected by the laws that regulate this kind of thing. The master holds a position which is inviolable regardless of the dictates of society. Usually though, this position appears to be internally regulated by moral and cultural values, as well as, if that position is hereditary, the natural outcomes of having family. One cannot be a Fred West and expect to have a growing legacy. But Josef Mengele did exist.

Usually though ones actions are determined by the economic fundamentals that are imposed on ones life. This is not to say that people cannot be lost in their experience of God. We are the sum of our experiences.

I have seen a person that was made to be so tough and driven to a form of economic insanity, that he would wonder around a room with a sheet tied to him as if in a toga while he was trailing his defecation behind him. I have seen a man, riddled with herpes, high on whatever he was high on, willing to rape a girl of 3 and 1/2 years old. But this is the poor and there are just too many reasons why many of them are lost. Without wealth, the family unit, just to keep itself even feeding itself, breaks down. And without the love of family, there is no moral ground.

Which makes me wonder how we will fare in todays world. No new wealth, population increasing, less to spread around, less to invest in infrastructure ie education. If something doesn't appear soon, it will get worse. But I think good change  is just around the corner.

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