Friday, January 16, 2009

The Secret of life

The secret of the Secret is that we live in a field, but nothing so static as this word implies, but in what is called the Dharma.

Today I received great news from my son. Understanding where we are in this great journey in which we all partake until the end, and even then, maybe further, I have been working on myself and attempting to improve myself with knowledge of the Dharma. In considering myself, my family is a great part of who I am and who I will always be.

In living in that, we, my wife and I, have attempted to remedy the educational mistakes that we have allowed my son by helping him focus on his studies and his life so that he will receive the benefit that will eventually ensue. These benefits include things like scholarships and paths into interesting fields that were for our own reason not open to us until we recognised that we are the authors of our futures. My son now has moved up a class, and is feeling the pride that brings. This has occurred within two weeks of applying this new found knowledge. If you want to know more of my most favourite of hobbies, have a look at my profile and my other blogs.

I will focus on my other hobbies which will include achieving a goal in my life, which is to be able to expose the wonders of mangosteen to the world, its ability to solve many external viral conditions which is debilitating and disfiguring ( Peace.

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Roll said...

Hello there,

I stumbled across your eczema blog recently and tried applying the kiwifruit treatment.
To my surprise my middle finger on my right hand which was swollen before started to thin down after one application!
Since then I have applied the kiwifruit treatment, and soaked my hand in sea water. The eczema died down and my hand looked pretty much like how it was before my eczema started a year ago!
However, my skin looked a bit different, as there were small patches of pink and white underneath the skin where my eczema had infected, and tiny tiny red vein-like lines. Recently the eczema has started up again as red spots and smaller bubbles. I'm devastated and don't know what to do. Mangosteen is very hard to acquire where I live so it is difficult for me to apply the mangosteen treatment and so is coconut oil.
Can you offer any help/advice?