Sunday, December 14, 2008

JPJ Wangsa Maju

If you are looking for great and fast service at JPJ (Jabatan Pengakutan Jalan or in English, Department of Transport), than get there before 0730 in the morning and wait in line. I did this today to convert my Australian drivers license into a Malaysian drivers license.

Travelling to a new world is never easy. There is the language barriers, the points of no return and of course the long list of mistakes, misdemeanours and strange looks that characterise your strangeness in a strange land. So here is some help...

You will need your

1. IC or passport and visa

2. Recent photograph of JPJ size. At Wangsa Maju you can get this at the jabatan.

3. Foreign drivers license. If it is not from Australia, New Zealand or presumably not in English, than you will need an official translation performed and authorised.

4. RM30 per year that you will be using the license. The maximum is 5 years.

You can get the change of drivers license form at the department itself.

The address for JPJ Wangsa Maju is as follows:

JPJ Wangsa Maju

Lot 14264, Jalan Genting Kelang

53300 Setapak

Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-40241200

Here is a set of directions to get there from Jalan Ampang.

Drive down Jalan Ampang until you see Fairview School. Turn right at Fairview and continue to drive down this road. The road you are now on is Jalan Jelatek. Keep driving until you reach the forth (4) set of traffic lights (remember that this is Malaysia so this can change easily). Traffic lights include the one at Jalan Ampang.

At the forth set of lights, the end of Jalan Jalatek, if you turn right you will go past Carrefour on the left. Do not turn right at these lights! Turn left at these light and you will be on Jalan 34/26. Keep driving down this road (you will be heading North). At some point you will see Sri Utama school on your left and a sign stating that Selangor Pewter factory is to the left. Turn right at these set of lights.

If you continue straight you will end up on Jalan Usahawan. Don't panic because you can make a right hand turn at the next set of lights (but than these directions do not apply anymore at the point where you have to turn at Jusco).

If you have turned right at Sri Utama, you will be on Jalan 2/27A. Continue to drive down this road (you will be heading North-East) until you come across Jusco on your left. This shopping centre is actually called Alpha Angle but the Jusco was easier to find. To your right, you will see a very pretty mosque and minaret. The road you have just turned down is Jalan 3/27A. Drive to the next set of traffic lights and turn left again.

You will now be on Jalan Genting Klang. Keep driving along here and you will see a blue sign on your right saying JPJ Wangsa Maju. Turn immediately.
By the way, thanks to the staff for being quick and efficient and above all friendly.

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